day 5: fabric magnets

Category: DIY | August 12th, 2011

yay friday!! today is also the final day in the makeover week! so last but not least….fabric magnets! :) take your boring/old magnets that you kept because you knew you were going to do something with them eventually, some fun fabric (i used the leftovers from this project) and the ever so lovely mod podge! if you don’t have this stuff then get it. you will find stuff to use it with. ;)

all you do is smother the top of the magnet with mod podge and place the fabric on top, smoothing out all bubbles or wrinkles. trim off the excess fabric. and then smother some more mod podge on top of the fabric. let it dry. and then let it look pretty on your fridge! :) ***tip: try not to use see through fabric over an old magnet that has text/images on it. won’t exactly cover it up. :)

i don’t think i have enough on my fridge. ;) thanks for joining my makeover week! if you want to be featured on PLC for your simple makeover then let me know!