day 4: spray paint letters

Category: DIY | August 11th, 2011

hello! this is probably the easiest makeover for this week! just one step. can’t get much easier than that.

got these letters at hobby lobby. love. that. place. spray painted them gold. one coat. and that’s it! hanging them up perfectly, however, was not as easy for me. made a couple extra tiny holes in the wall. i think if you look extra close the & is a little crooked. but i don’t care. adds character. :)

i love how it turned out. so simple. i know the mister likes it…he’s all about less is more. where would you put your letters?? oh and all those white throw pillows…they look white because they have no covers. lol. that’s my next project once i find some fabric i like. :)

***AND check out another new addition at the foot of our bed that we got this past sunday. it’s our prayer alter that was so lovingly made by amazing church friends of ours. not gonna lie, i got a little teary eyed when i saw the little section for P. how sweet is that??