day 1: dress to top

Category: DIY | August 8th, 2011

who’s excited for this ridiculously easy makeover to start off the makeover party?! haha. i’m a dork i know, but seriously. easy makeover day 1.

i love this dress. but unfortunately, when you have a baby you also get some hips. thanks Penny. ;) so as a result, this dress became a bit too tight and not at all flattering. so tried it on (figured y’all wouldn’t want to see the before pic of it on me. ha), pinned a few places of where i wanted it, made sure not to stab myself when taking it off….and then one nice long cut around the pins and done! *since the fabric is jersey knit i didn’t need to finish the end. it does roll up a teeny bit but i don’t mind. yay for a new shirt!

wish i could say i sewed the lace on as well. but i didn’t. lol. that would be a fun DIY project though. now go see if you have any dresses that you can snip into a top. send me some pics and i’ll feature you on PLC! :)