daddy is back!

Category: everyday | January 28th, 2012

i played single mama for a couple days this week. the mister went to a men’s retreat and miss p and i played and played and played…and slept a little. props to all those single parents or those whose spouse goes out of town a lot. we did have a good time. kept ourselves super busy (my excuse for not posting on here lately). ran lots of errands, visited the park several times with some friends, and just had some good extra bonding times. we even went to one of my fav kid’s consignment shops and got her some more shoes….because she is a walking fool now. :) she walks with her hands in the air. cracks me up. whatever works right?

well i’m glad the mister is back home. we missed him, but i think it’s nice to get away every now and then. it’s healthy for the relationship i think. makes you miss them even more, and appreciate them even more when they are here. :) well here’s to one more fun-filled, busy day of the weekend. be blessed!!