cute news….and sad news.

Category: everyday | March 2nd, 2010

sad news first…my machine is broke. sigh. going to the shop tomorrow morning. sigh. i was working on a really cute project too! there might have been a tear…or two :( guess i just realized how much it is a part of my life.
(pretty sad pic of me…lol)
cute news…the hubby tried to fix it for about an hour. it was cute. lol. i love him. maybe God is trying to tell me to do something else. it would have been nice to not break my machine, but whatever has to be done. ;) just wanted to write to anything of my readers or browsers out there…who are frustrated or sad….not to give up and to praise God anyways. this reminded me of my favorite poem/quote/saying…

happy moments, praise God.
difficult moments, seek God.
quiet moments, worship God.
painful moments, trust God.
every moment, thank God.

so now im going to go cook some food. food always helps. vegan chili tonight…who’s down?! :)

peace and love

  • bestie

    yum.. I want some!!!!!

    • Kristen McAshan

      beth…seriously. best chili ever! well maybe not ever. but it’s pretty amazing. we definitely need to make it together and have a fun dinner date!

  • crafty.maima.jama

    i thought that my sewing machine broke on me last night! i some how figured out what was wrong with it… good luck with yours! =)

    • Kristen McAshan

      good for you! yea, we tried but were defeated. :) thanks though!! it’s already ready to be picked up so i am excited!!