Category: everyday | May 8th, 2012

saw this type of post on several other bloggers that i read and thought it’d be fun to do every now and then.
reading: well technically it was an audio book but that totally counts right?. the mister is working on his writing skills for his new blog he started and so on our road trip this past weekend we listened to one called “on writing well” by william zinnser. honestly i thought it was going to put me to sleep, but it was actually really good. (i did however fall asleep 30 minutes later. haha. it was really late.) ;)
watching: i was able to catch up on a couple of my fav shows the other day (while i was being blah and laying on the couch), new girl and parks & recreation. we use netflix and hulu plus since we don’t have cable and what not. i think it works out better that way. ;)
thinking about: all the lovely laundry and house chores i need to do this week. and not real excited about it. but hey at least i have clothes that need to be washed. gotta find the positive in these things. ;)
loving: how helpful my family is, especially the mister. i have had a couple blah days lately since i haven’t been getting much sleep so he has been playing with miss P even more so i could be helpless and lay on the couch. ha
anticipating: my next midwife visit so i can finally hear this baby’s heartbeat!! 2 1/2 more weeks. sigh.
listening to: nothing at the moment but i have sesame street’s theme song in my head. we watched it this morning.
eating: snacking on some cheez-its right now. still hungry but NOTHING sounds good…even after i went grocery shopping yesterday. sigh
feeling thankful for: miss P and this baby in my belly even though the baby makes me feel miserable at times. ;) P has also been extra cute lately. i think she knows i need some extra “lifting up.” them babies are smart ya know. ;)

feel free to do the “currently” post too and link up! i think it’s fun to read about y’alls lives too. :)