cupcake bag

Category: DIY | March 11th, 2010

placemat clutch
new handbags are fun, especially if you make it. of course! i love jessica’s placemat clutch tutorial over at happy together. go check it out!! here’s one i made!
50 cents placemat
lovely vinyl placemat that only cost me $1 for 2 of them!

fold in half
did some pinning…
2 inch bottom
did some measuring (i left 2 inches at the bottom)..some sewing…some turning inside out.
some cutting. i drew it out on the placemat and then cut one side.
then i just traced the first cut handle onto the other and cut that. super easy. :)
sew handles
some sewing…you can’t see it but i used a bright blue stitching.
going for the “worn” look. ha.
felt bottom
glued some felt over some cardboard and glue it to the bottom. i would have used plastic canvas but i couldn’t find mine:( cardboard=next best thing.
some hand stitching…since i’m not eating sweets at the moment…this was hard. ahh a cupcake.
cupcake clutch
**what’s in my bag…
in my bag
some good essentials. i’m thinking i want to add a pocket or two inside the bag. oooo fun!
oooh and i just found my new earrings i bought with my friend madison. must put on now. :) have a great day everyone!!! what’s in your bag????

peace and love

  • Leandra Solis

    oh my gosh i looooove the cupcake bag!! :)

  • Laurie Anne

    LOVE THIS!!! {Ok I will stop screaming now!} :)

    • Kristen McAshan

      THANK YOU! just screaming back at ya :) xox

  • Cynthia Devening

    OMG! I just went thrifting today and saw some placemats, but I couldn’t justify buying them for no reason. Ah they will be mine. This is the cutest thing I have seen all day! Ah just saw your badge I’m in style school too!

    • Kristen McAshan

      Hey Cynthia! thanks you are super sweet! makes thrift shopping even MORE fun. :) Do you just love style school?? which is your favorite assignment??