crazy busy weekend

Category: everyday | December 16th, 2010

we had an awesome yet exhausting weekend. it was full of fun events with lots of people.

lots of Christmas shopping (of course i don’t live near anything so there was lots of driving), nice birthday dinner for one of our friends, picked up some furniture in another city with my mom, more Christmas shopping, baby shower that my bestie gave me!!, dinner with the youth, girls night/slumber party at our house (stayed up way too late making girlie things), church….where husband got to preach (he did fabulous!), lunch with the youth, lots of cooking, and Glide company Christmas party….with a fun little photo shoot with the girls :) whew.
diaper cake
girls night
craft night
whole gang
pretty sure we had about a hundred pics of us….but clearly didn’t want to put all of them on here. :)
the boys secretly enjoyed it too. :)
signing party
autumn loves the camera too. :)

this has been a busy week too! almost done with Christmas shopping! although i don’t mind the shopping. who doesn’t love shopping?? Christmas youth party tonight! going to make gingerbread houses! and our bible study party later too! all of these parties…gotta have more discipline for all this delicious food that will be in front of me. well have a great rest of the week!!!
what’s that??  oh that’s just my belly…minus the view of my feet. hehe.

peace and love