chocolate helps.

Category: everyday | January 26th, 2010

oh tuesday. almost done with school stuff. sigh. i really want some cookies….or chocolate. yummmm…cookies go well with studying and writing papers…yes.




now i really want some…but no. gonna be strong!

thankful for another good day. thankful for being able to breathe through my nose. can’t take that for granted….lame cedar. forgot to mention that i had a great time with my family that came in to visit this past weekend. i heart my family and miss them oh so much! other than that off to finish my paper!
crazy hair hubs and i say goodnight!…at least that’s what he calls it, i love it. he’s getting it trimmed thursday. speaking of…i want a new do. thinking…bangs, layers…yea?!? exciting. have a great night blog world.

peace and love