cedar fever is evil

Category: everyday | January 10th, 2012

can i just say that these two guys are my best friends right about now….and especially at night. they let me sleep. it’s amazing. i don’t know if you have seasonal allergies, but cedar fever is the WORST for me. i get it every year around this time. and you would think i have learned and would work on that. well i try, but i’m the type…if i am feeling fine then i don’t take anything…as in i don’t take allergy meds every day when i feel fine…but i should apparently. ;) anyways….the black elderberry night formula is great! (tastes great too) and the neilmed sinus rinse. they seem to be doing the job because i am not waking up from constant sneezing, dripping, blowing my nose and waking up to a huge wet wad of kleenex on the floor.

this cedar fever has definitely interfered with my energy level and ability to stay up late…which isn’t helpful right now because i need to be using my nights crafting for P’s party…this saturday. :) oh well. doing the best i can. and there’s a few people that are helping. thank you!!!

well hope y’all have a happy tuesday!

  • http://alivewithanticipation.blogspot.com Sarah F

    Accupuncture!!! I have massive grass allergies. I used to do prescription allegra, prescription nose spray and on top of that still had to stay inside/take lots of showers all season. And living in Oregon I was dying to get out in the better weather! I got accupuncture 2 years in a row. Each year, it helped my reactions completely and last year I couldn’t afford it, but my symptoms were tolerable without any medication! (my acupuncturist said this could happen) Hopefully this year is just as good!

  • http://todayalongthejourney.blogspot.com cath

    Oh yuk this sounds miserable. Hope you get some relief and soon.

    We live in the woods and our yard is full of cedar trees. I didn’t know there was such a illness so I looked it up. I am wondering if this is not something common to our area, we are in Northeast Pennsylvania. We have what the locals refer to as “rust clusters or spors” on the cedars in our area in the fall but then they seem to go away just as quickly as they appeared. I wonder if this is something different or maybe I’m just lucky and not affected by this.
    Grass on the other had, oh my I actually love cutting the lawn but I pay for days after.

    Feel better soon.

  • http://ummmnowwhat.blogspot.com/ Kate

    I get terrible allergies in the spring (when my neighbors cut their lawns, I have the overwhelming desire to yell angrily at them). I’ll have to try that Sinus Rinse! Thanks for the suggestion and hope you’re feeling better! Can’t wait to see pictures of that party!