casual saturday.

Category: everyday | June 19th, 2010

happy saturday!!! husband and i got to sleep in this morning. it was magical. haven’t done that in awhile. then it was all work and no play for a bit. the place was a mess and we needed some groceries so off to run errands and husband helped clean the place. so sweet. :) he even made us some awesome breakfast tacos for lunch!
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now it’s time for some school work and baby mama in the background. LOVE baby mama. also loving my new nail polish. and orange gatorade.
teal polish

peace and love

  • Cassandra

    that is a great polish! who makes it and what’s the name so i can get me some..

    • Kristen McAshan

      hey cassandra! thanks! it is fun. it’s called fresh teal by milani. i’m pretty sure i got it at walmart. :) but i’m sure you can get it lots of places.