busy, busy

Category: everyday | April 2nd, 2010

egg wreath
this week has been different. but praise God for everything. i had a good time with my nieces today. they are such a blessing. i enjoy every minute with them. even when they are mad at me for making them take a nap or not letting them pick up their baby sister. :) they bring so much joy to my day. we had fun decorating eggs and making an Easter egg wreath!!
egg wreath
got to hang out with my bestie tonight. it was nice. she always brightens my day. still preparing for autumn’s baby shower tomorrow. oh the life of a procrastinator. i am pretty sure she will love it though! pics to come!!! busy weekend….resurrection of Jesus!!! pretty big day. sigh. i’m excited. :) also preparing for the Grace Outreach Family Church Easter Egg Hunt…..I’m in charge…should be interesting….:) well i suppose i should get some sleep. have a great weekend everyone. be blessed…praise God.

peace and love