bits + pieces

Category: bits + pieces | January 25th, 2013

bits + pieces is a new feature that i want to start doing. got the idea from miss james and thought it would be fun to post bits and pieces of our day. feel free to join and link back so i can check yours out!

1. a must have morning cup of coffee
2. a must have morning cup of warm milk (she is high maintenance and wants it warm…still) ;)
3. “be happy”
4. she is OCD about lining up her toys
5. bed head
6. banner from the lovely green jazz face
7. napping in one of her fav positions
8. homemade mozzarella cheese balls
9. a very dirty toddler mirror
10. reading books with molly girl
11. some cute rolls
12. pom poms above penelope’s bed
13. sleeping again
14. getting dirty
15. helping mama with dinner
16. making her sister smile