attempting mosaic

Category: DIY | February 18th, 2011

so i’m still working on miss penny’s room…which is funny because we hardly ever go in there, yet it’s the most decorated and finished room so far. ha. got my priorities down. lol. anyways…here’s a little makeover project i did for her room.
got this beauty at goodwill for about $3. nice. i needed a little side table to go next to the glider, but clearly didn’t want to spend money. ;)
gave it a couple coats and attempted to throw a mosaic pattern on there. turned out pretty decent.
you can ask my dear friend ellen….it was looking a little rough when i started it. i actually had no idea what i was doing. (and i don’t normally start projects like that…i’m not that confident) but i like. be on the look out for it when i show a little tour of her room coming up!

side note: last night was a bit rough. pretty sure i didn’t get any sleep. and this morning wasn’t any better….so hope the rest of the day has a brighter side to it. i have lots of things i want to get done….but i’m learning that my plans will not always happen. it’s all good. if penny wants to steal all my attention then okay. :) although i just realized that the shower i took today was the first one since monday. ummmm was that too much to share? well just shows that i put other things and baby first. lol. even if i did smell like spit up. ok wellll happy friday!!!!!!!!!!! :)

peace and love