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Category: everyday | February 28th, 2011

to start up the workout routine!!! is it weird that i am super excited about this!? i would have started earlier, but my body obviously needed some recovery time. this wednesday will be 6 weeks (she’s already 6 weeks?!?!) and that is my cut off time period for me to not eat everything in sight and to bring back exercise in my life.

i used to be a personal trainer. loved it. thankfully i still remember some stuff so hopefully coming up with some weekly routines will come easily. i’m basically going to start off super easy and work my way up. and i thought it’d be a neat idea to post my weekly routines on here for all you other ladies. :)

my goal is not to lose weight but tone rather. i’m pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy weight, BUT not the same shape. haha. i’d like to fit back into my jeans (clearly don’t have money to go out and buy all new ones) so i need to work on some areas. lol
*with that being said…i want to say that i am not an expert and these are just my ideas, so it might not work for everyone…so don’t get mad at me. ;)

i haven’t had time to come up with a workout plan just yet, so for this week i am just going to do lots of walks and some light weight routines and will post the first one next monday!

workout buddies?!? :)

peace and love

  • Maike

    Great idea! I´m in =)

    • http://www.kristenmcashan.com Kristen McAshan

      @maike alright!
      @Lynne I love that you work out every day AND with your man! :) makes it more special!

  • http://www.sewingcafewithlynne.blogspot.com Lynne Williams

    Good for you, keep taking care of yourself…so important. My husband and I work out every morning together to Tony Hortons 10 minute trainer. Its a great workout, requires no thought and as you progress you stack the 10 minute routines. Yesterday for instance we did upper body and core cardio.

    Look forward to hearing what works for you. Enjoy the activity.