about that time…

Category: everyday | February 28th, 2011

to start up the workout routine!!! is it weird that i am super excited about this!? i would have started earlier, but my body obviously needed some recovery time. this wednesday will be 6 weeks (she’s already 6 weeks?!?!) and that is my cut off time period for me to not eat everything in sight and to bring back exercise in my life.

i used to be a personal trainer. loved it. thankfully i still remember some stuff so hopefully coming up with some weekly routines will come easily. i’m basically going to start off super easy and work my way up. and i thought it’d be a neat idea to post my weekly routines on here for all you other ladies. :)

my goal is not to lose weight but tone rather. i’m pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy weight, BUT not the same shape. haha. i’d like to fit back into my jeans (clearly don’t have money to go out and buy all new ones) so i need to work on some areas. lol
*with that being said…i want to say that i am not an expert and these are just my ideas, so it might not work for everyone…so don’t get mad at me. ;)

i haven’t had time to come up with a workout plan just yet, so for this week i am just going to do lots of walks and some light weight routines and will post the first one next monday!

workout buddies?!? :)

peace and love