a sweet package

Category: everyday | January 31st, 2011

happy together
today i received a little package from a sweet friend for miss penny. jessica over at happy together made these cute burp cloths (which i needed more of) and this adorable little hat.
sweet package
i have to give some credit to miss jessica for getting me started on my blog. i’m glad i emailed her way back when. i love how she lives many states away and i’ve never met her but i call her my friend. you should check out her blog. super cute handmade things….with a little girl and another baby on the way! :) how exciting.
burp cloths
very handy and cute burp cloths.
cute hat
i will learn how to make one of these one day!
i think she likes it! she has some time to grow into it too. :)
cute penny
by far my fav pic of her!! she makes this face a lot. oh my goodness. thanks jessica!!! i felt super special getting the package!

peace and love

  • http://www.teacupadventure.blogspot.com teacup adventure

    aw! that last picture is too sweet! congratulations :)


    love the pics! You guys are so very blessed!

  • danielle

    oh kristen, you guys did good! she is just darling! don’t you just love sitting and staring at her?!

    • http://www.kristenmcashan.com Kristen McAshan

      that’s pretty much all i do! i don’t get much else done throughout the day. ;) gotta soak it all up, right!?

  • http://www.sewingcafewithlynne.blogspot.com Lynne Williams

    That last picture is quite simply perfection! How joyful you must be to have such a gift…the baby’s not bad either-lol

  • http://funkymonkeyinthemiddle.blogspot.com/ Amber

    I love the last picture! We have a picture of my brother when he was a baby just like that! :D I just wanted to know if it’s ok that I copy-catted your “love of the day” thing on my blog? Also, what camera do you use to take the picture of the roses and stuff? Maybe that is just so obvious, but I honestly don’t have a clue! Thanks!

    • http://www.kristenmcashan.com Kristen McAshan

      yea girl, go for it. :) i actually used my iphone for those pictures (and a lot of the pictures i upload). i use a fun application called instagram, which lets you add effects to your pics. if you have an iphone i highly suggest it the app…it’s free too!

  • http:www.phasevision.com 3D Inspection System

    That last picture is adorable, what a lovely little face she is pulling! The hat is very cute.

  • http://playing-grown-up.blogspot.com/ Brooke Premo

    Aah! She is so cute. What a fun package to receive.

    Okay, so I just found your blog and was excited that we both love crafts and Jesus, and now I’ve seen that we both have a border collie! So, that pretty much solidified that I will be your newest follower. :)

    • http://www.kristenmcashan.com Kristen McAshan

      haha. we are blog soul mates! ;) i’m glad you found me too! always fun to meet new people, especially when we have so much in common. :)

  • http://funkymonkeyinthemiddle.blogspot.com/ Amber

    Rats! I don’t have an iphone! … well, i guess I’ll just flat out admit I don’t even have a phone! :P Thanks for telling me though!

    The next thing you know, Penny (by the way I LOVE her name!) will be all grown up! She is just too cute!

  • http://www.ohsohappytogether.blogspot.com Jessica

    How adorable is she! Love it!