a moment i won’t forget.

Category: baby, everyday | October 24th, 2010

here’s a little video i got from a sweet friend from her phone. (not the best resolution on here, but still fun!) thanks alli!! and yes, i was crying. happy tears!
baby girl cake
sad to say that i only took like 4 pictures during this occasion, but that’s okay. got the video!
boy crowd
these are the cool peeps who thought baby was a boy! (yes…at that moment i thought boy)
girl crowd
and here’s all the winners. girl crew.
and this was molly…the.entire.time. find a stick, find a person, play until she looked like she was going to pass out, take away stick and tell her all done, 3 minutes later she was back with another stick and a new person to play with. oh dear. :)

yay for baby girls! her crib came in the today. and i bought her first pair of tights. yes, they have ruffles on the bum. couldn’t resist. in love.
**update: husband put the crib together. it’s real. i get to stare in the nursery at the crib and imagine a baby sleeping soundly in there. *smiles*

peace and love