a birthday and a blog

Category: everyday | May 10th, 2012

the mister had a birthday last week. i tried to make it all about him. it was a little challenging considering he had to work/be on the phone/go to meetings all day…and i had miss P to chase around. but i think we did a good job. and to celebrate his day he decided to launch his new blog! i’m so excited for him because he has been wanting to do one for so long now. it’s a how to live life to the fullest/what’s your purpose/find your passion type thing. and i love it. and i love him. :) go check it out for some great inspiration too! oh and say hi! who doesn’t like to get comments from readers??  i will warn you…there are no pictures or bright colors. in fact he’s the exact opposite of me when it comes to style. hah. it’s still pretty awesome though. ;)

and here’s a little recap of parts of the day.

side note: he wakes up later than normal and isn’t very hungry so that’s why there’s no “happy birthday breakfast.” and i was probably too tired to make something. (story of my life right now) ;)

we went to a meeting with him at starbucks (his clients are pretty cool with us coming and trying not to be a distraction). all of the seats were pretty full inside so we chilled outside…which wasn’t the most fun for me since i had to chase her every 5 seconds since she wasn’t happy sitting still. and it was about 105 degrees outside. but she had a blast and that’s all that matters right? ;)

after he drank a weeks worth of calories in his drink (so just kidding), we went to barnes & noble for him to pick out some books….while i chilled in the car because P fell asleep. lol. we then went back home only to pack up some other stuff and got back on the road again to drop off P at the grandparents house so we could go to a “happy birthday movie date!” (thank you!!) i’m pretty sure that was the first movie we saw in theatre since P was born. saw the hunger games. it was intense but i liked it overall (and no i didn’t read the books. i’m not cool like that). i did take some photos there but they didn’t turn out so pretty so i’ll leave those out. ha

some might say this wasn’t a very exciting birthday but i mean it was a wednesday and he had to work. ha. i loved it. he did too. even though he probably didn’t get as much work done as he’d like. it was his birthday, come on. ;) don’t forget to check out his blog www.howuseful.com!