8 months and sweet berry farm

Category: baby, everyday | October 1st, 2011

a little late on the 8 months pics but better late than never!! this morning we met up with some sweet families that i am so thankful to know and went to this cute little place called sweet berry farm. we haven’t been there before but knew i needed to take my camera. sooo long story short here’s a whole bunch of photos! ;) again, it was so hard to narrow down…but i wanted to save y’all from 100 pictures of P, so here’s just 21. ;)

(out of about 20 shots of the kiddos, this is the best one. hahaha. i love bailey’s face. i’m sure you can figure out who bailey is) :)

P had such a great time! she loved the goats and the horses, and trying to eat the flowers…and taking things from baby Hadley. oh man. gotta work on that. ps….all those flowers=$3! it was 3 bucks to fill up a cup. i filled it up as much as i could. haha. now they are spread out around the house to enjoy!

**and a big thank you to the mister for so lovingly coming along and helping out with P while i take a million pics. :)