i heart you wednesday

Category: everyday | February 10th, 2010

hubby and i

whew….i finally finished up with this term at school. it was a long one, but it was one of my most interesting ones: religion and stress management. very useful courses in my life. i want to give a HUUUUGE love shout out to my hubby. he has helped me in soo many ways…it is unreal. i love him oh so much.sweet hubby

so now i get a week off in between terms and then just 3 more terms after that!!!!!! praise God.

i also want to give a shout out to Rachel over at One Pretty Thing! she has featured some of my work and i am oh so thankful for her too! go check out her work. she features so many awesome bloggers. great for inspiration too!

oneprettythingthis past weekend was crazy busy but fun….super bowl=had a fun get together with the church family ate lots of food and knitted. :) i had my priorities straight..haha. but at least it sparked up conversations with some of the other ladies. :) i am working on a new project. my mom should be proud. working on knitting so i won’t forget! :)

i am excited to have some time to do more projects!!! valentine’s party with the youth group tonight!! lots of love! be back later! have a great wednesday!!!
close up

peace and love