7 months and a special blanket

Category: baby | August 24th, 2011

7 months. (well on the 19th, but i’ve been busy) ;) we have a crawler on our hands. in fact, i think she’s over crawling already and moved on to pulling herself up and standing. what?! i think it’s cute that she entertains herself for half an hour with pulling herself up and then sitting down, and pulling up then sitting down…over and over and over and over. lol. things are changing around this house. i don’t remember the last time i sat still. i secretly love it…for now at least. ;) OH and this amazing afghan that P is sitting/pulling on was made by my great grandmother. i absolutely love it. my mom gave it to me this past weekend. i almost don’t want to use it so i won’t mess it up. i wonder how long it took her to do this. major skills. maybe one day i will make something like this.