3 new bows, a ring, and a bag

Category: everyday | May 21st, 2010

new bows
wanted to share some new lovelies.
purple bow
orange bow
these two were the ones i got at renegade from elsie
tweed bow
had a lil inspiration and some random tweed hanging around and made my own!
tweed ring
also made a big tweed ring! this is my fav. :)
new bag
and super excited about my new bag….i guess tweed was my theme this week. got it at a thrift store for 2 bucks. score!
finished the day off with a field trip with molly panda to starbuckles to get husband and i a much needed caramel frap…which i haven’t had in ages…and it was amazing.
enjoying the wind blowing in her face.

*date night tonight! yay. hope everyone has a great weekend!! looking forward to a big crawfish boil tomorrow! woohoo.

peace and love