$3 framed calendar?…yes please.

Category: DIY | November 13th, 2009

$3 frame$3 purchase awhile  back. finally found a home for it!! all you need is a lovely frame (and glass), some poster board, maybe a ruler unless you are feeling lucky, some molly love, and if you need some guidance, check out The Creative Crate.

materials and molly love

make your grid, scribble some days, and yay!!

tada!I decided not to make mine super girlie (because I would have) so my husband wouldn’t be embarrassed. ; )

daysspice it up! you can use stickers too, like The Creative Crate did. I like the whole handmade idea.

novemberbust out with all your dry erase board markers and you got yourself a year round calendar! not too bad for $3 huh?? HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


peace and love

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