2 weeks later

Category: baby | November 29th, 2012

let’s all pretend i took this photo 2 weeks ago. ;) this little one is happy and healthy! i can’t believe she is already two weeks old!! time flies EVEN faster with the second baby. everyone is doing well over here too. we had a rough few sleepless nights (well miss P happily slept through all of it) this past week but i think we got the hang of things a little better. still learning.

i took the girls to the park to meet up with our group of friends that we usually see every other day. it was so nice to get outside and out of the house. penelope was sooo cute when we got there. she is such a proud sister. nothing but a big smile while everyone got to meet ruby! melted my heart. :) i think she was really happy to see her friends too.

i just want to say thank you to all my friends and family who have been soooo helpful and giving. i don’t know what i would do without y’all! the meals, the cleaning, the entertaining of my oldest, and even just sweet words of affirmation and prayers. all amazing. oh and you know you have amazing friends when they ask for your grocery list and go into town to get everything for you. you’re the best krista! :)