2 months…and a few pics.

Category: baby | March 23rd, 2011

miss penelope is 2 months old! oh my! she has changed so much. especially with her sweet little and sometimes big smile of hers! this is my fav thing about her so far. that and her stretching. pretty darn cute. i wish we all stretched like babies. ha

ALSO….that awesome blanket that she’s on was made by her aunt rachel. so talented. she did it in like 2 days! and she self taught herself from youtube videos. classic. i need to check that out! thanks aunt rachel! we love it.

had our 2 month check up and this girl has grown!!! already 24 inches. (that’s a big 5 1/2 inches since birth) she’s in the 95% in height. and 11 lbs 9 oz, 75% in weight. nice and healthy!