1st Easter egg hunt!

Category: baby, everyday | April 2nd, 2012

our neighborhood hosted it’s annual Easter egg hunt on saturday at the park and of course we had to go to it this year. last year she was too tiny to enjoy it but this year i knew she’d love it. we might have practiced around the house in the morning to get ready. ;)

she did great! better than i thought too. she had fun with all her friends, pet real bunnies (one was named penelope!) and jumped/sat while everyone else jumped around her in the mini bounce house. she wasn’t a fan of the Easter bunny (i don’t blame her!)….so didn’t get a chance to get a good photo. lol.

we had fun hanging with our friends too. (miss you K&H!!) other than the egg hunt it was a pretty lazy (much needed lazy) day with the fam. i even took a nap when P did. been so tired lately. we have another egg hunt at church this sunday…she’s going to be pro by then. :)