9 & 10 months

Category: baby | November 23rd, 2011

soo i’m a slacker and didn’t take 9 month pics. booo. but here are a few of her when she was 9 months. such a ham!! the last two pics crack me up! the rest are her 10 months. these were taken at her BFF’s 1st birthday party…which will be another post itself. :)

this girl is such a goof. she’s sooo active. (i think her gym class helps with that) ;) she crawls everywhere around the house, following us from room to room. she loves to talk, and i really think she can say dog. ah-dorable. she loves her molly panda, even if molly walks away when she comes near her. haha. she loves to stand up and walk along holding on to stuff. she also does squats too. pretty impressive. already building up those muscles. :) she loves food. just like her mama. except for vegetables. just like her daddy. sigh. she loves being with her family and playing with her friends. oh and she loves to play in the dirt and tries to eat rocks. awesome. she’s getting so big! excited for her first Thanksgiving and for her to try lots of new foods! :)

**see her little onesie? i bedazzled it for her. i’ll show you how/why in a post coming up!