1 Samuel 1:27

Category: baby | October 8th, 2010

[front of card….to mommy and daddy] :)
today is FINALLY the day we get our ultrasound to figure out the gender of the baby….(yes i am 25 weeks along. midwife wanted me to wait til 24). HOWEVER….we still won’t know what it is until next sunday!! eeeeek. i made a little card for the sonographer to write in and put the picture in. :) (i used elsie’s scrapbook paper!)
wanted to do a gender party…so next sunday it is! wish my fam could make it but we will skype them or something like that! sooooo excited. we have been waiting for a long time for this. i have no idea what it is….at first i thought it was a boy, then i thought it was a girl after awhile, i’ve given up now and am just uber excited. last ultrasound i got of the baby was at 12 weeks. the baby is going to look completely different!! eeek!

**update….ultrasound went super well!! baby is healthy and all its measurements are perfect. we got to see everything from its tiny feet to its kidneys…of course we looked the other way for the sonographer to see the sex. it was a weird feeling..knowing that it was right there. put the “it’s a ____” pic in the envelope and dropped it off with my friend right after. craziness!
[hubs is pretty excited…if you can’t tell] ;)

what do you think it’ll be?!?!

peace and love